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Colored Glass Top, Left Holes
1/6"h x 47 1/4"w x 19 5/8"d
Item: 50PEVE0.002 color: Acid Green
Item: 50PEVE0.004 color: Orange

Wall Hung Vanity
2"h x 47 1/4"w x 19 5/8"d
item:50PETP2.001 color: Light Oak
item:50PETP2.002 color: Wenge

Chromed Bracket (one piece)
9 7/8"h x 1 3/16"w x 19 5/8"d
item: 50PECAS.001 color: Chromec

Wall Fitted Chest Drawers
9 7/8"h x 15 3/4"w x 19 5/8"d
item: 50PECAS.001 color:Light Oak
item: 50PECAS.002 color:Wenge

Mirror/Medicine Cabinet
17 3/4"h x 47 1/4"w x 7 1/8"d
item: 50PESP8.003 color: Light Oak
item: 50PESP8.004 color: Wenge

Wall Shelf with Fastening System
2"h x 47 1/4"w x 5 7/8"d
item: 50PEM2.001 color: light oak
item: 50PEM2.002 color: wenge

Oval Basin
5 1/8"h x 20 1/8"w x 14 5/8"d
item: 50PELVO.002 color:transparent glass

Open Shelf with 6 Glass Shelves
71 1/2"h x 19 5/8"w x 17 3/4"d
item: 50PESC1.005 color: light oak/acid green
item: 50PESC1.006 color: wenge/acid green
item: 50PESC1.007 color: light oak/orange
item: 50PESC1.008 color: wenge/orange

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